Bombers Blue Loose Ring


  • Ported for tongue relief and very light, can be made with your choice of cheek piece.
  • The lightweight rubber nylon compound Bombers Blue mouthpiece from Bombers Bits is ported for tongue relief. This reduces tongue pressure, while applying pressure to the bars of the mouth.
  • This bit may be suitable for horses with large tongues, who find straight bar bits uncomfortable.
  • The loose rings ensure that the bit remains mobile in the horses mouth, further promoting gentle mouthing and salivation. They also allow pressure to be released instantly when the rein aids are relaxed, thus promptly rewarding a correct response to commands.
  • USEF approved for Dressage.
  • Due to the nature of the material, it can easily be marked by teeth. Therefore, lifetime guarantee is not applicable to these bits if used.
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